Thursday, April 23, 2009

Norway's Preverve the Polar Regions not quite circular

Norway issued a "Preserve the Polar Regions" sheet in February of 2009 and it consisted of a pair of 8 Kr stamps. One stamp had UV sensitive print that showed the ozone layer coverage of the Earth and the other was printed with a foil embossing technique. They look very nice. But what confused me was the perforations. They are perforated as square stamps but the globe graphic in each stamp is perforated as a circular stamp. However the 8 Kr and Norway labeling is not within the circular perforation boundary so I can't consider them circular stamps.

Norway 2009 Preserve the Polar Regions

Here are some of my favorite recent circular issues:

France 2008 Je Suis Sports
British Antarctic Territory 2007 International Polar Year
Ireland 2008 Year of the Planet
Iceland 2005 Europa Gastronomy

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