Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New TAAF issue for September 2011

The Orre House in St Pierre, Reunion. It is the current residence of the TAAF prefect and is listed as a historical site. Print run is 65,000 copies and this stamp is to be issued on 19 September 2011. You can see the actual house here

Friday, August 12, 2011

Uruguayan research station Artigas

The Uruguayan Antarctic Institute operates Artigas Base on King George Island. It has a maximum summer population of 60 and resides in an ice free zone on the island. King George Island is home to several research stations owned by different nations.

I sent this cover to the base through Punta Arenes, Chile back in September. And I put Chilean stamps on the cover and asked that it be sent back through Frei Base and Correos Chile. It came back in good shape. The back is covered with past Artigas cachets with the one for the season that just ended is on the front.

I sent another cover to Artigas through the IAU in Montevideo with the hopes that it would get down there and back within a year through Correo Uruguayo. For that I had to put Uruguayan stamps on the envelope. I'm looking forward to getting that one back.

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