Friday, April 17, 2009

Moldova - Preserve the Polar Regions

I must confess that I know next to nothing about Moldova. I know that it is land locked between Romania and Ukraine and I've heard it referred to as the poorest county in Europa. But apart from that... nothing. I certainly didn't know they had participated in any sort of polar expeditions and yet they have issued a pair of stamps under the title "Preserve the Polar Regions". I've looked over their postal website and can not find any information regarding recent stamps issues. And I can not find any information on the Internet about Moldovan involvement in polar research.

Moldova Preserve the Polar Regions

My stamps did come to me in a nice cover though which I'll keep. I'm starting to get an interest in collecting covers. There appear to be networks of people out there who exchange letters to contribute to each others cover collections and just to keep in touch with other like-minded collectors. I think I will be exploring this area of philately more in the near future.

Moldova Cover

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