Tuesday, November 1, 2011

TAAF Joint Issue with St Pierre and Miquelon

A new joint issue for TAAF and SP&M to be issued on 3 November 2011 for TAAF and 8 November 2011 for SP&M. The sheet commemorates the fact that the frigate Forbin passed close to two rare rock formations in French territory: Pointe du Cap Perce on St Pierre in 1978 and L'arche des Kerguelen on Kerguelen Island in 1980.

Both issues are 1.10€ and apart from the names of the territories on the stamps and the order of the names on the sheet, the two issues appear identical. 70,000 sheets for the TAAF issue and 64,000 for the SP&M issue. The fact that the rate is 1.10€ makes me wonder if TAAF postal rates for international small letters has increased from 1.00€.