Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Post Denmark's Self-Adhesive Frenzy

Last year, Post Denmark started producing self-adhesive stamps. And this year they seem to have gone mad with self adhesive fever. All of the issues that came out this March were self adhesive except for the Nordic Coastlines souvenir sheet although the individual stamps in that particular series are self adhesive. Even the wavy line definitive were not spared. After over 100 years of wavy line stamps, the latest additions are available as self adhesive only.

All have simulated perforations and are on perforated paper with fairly wide margins. The wavy line issues look good next to the last of the gummed issues but the paper has a bit of a shine to it, which I suppose should be expected in a self adhesive. It’s a first for Post Denmark and it looks like they’re having fun with it. But I think the Ribe anniversary issue would have been better on gummed paper.