Thursday, March 18, 2010

Whitehorse 2010 Winter Games Cancel

I know, I know… the winter games were held in Vancouver and Whistler. So why does Whitehorse have an Olympic cancel? Canada Post went all out with Olympic spirit and created cancels for 30 cites in BC and 2 in the Yukon that had any connection what so ever with the games. I wanted a cancel form Whitehorse and had an Olympic Gold domestic rate stamp available which I thought was a good match. So onto an envelope and into the mail it went.

The postmaster up there did an excellent job of canceling my cover and even sent it back under cover and included a Yukon Gold post card, cancelled with the same Olympic cancel. I was very pleased.

Early in the year I had plans to collect a whole stack of covers with the Olympic cancels on them: one with a matching cancel for pretty much every 2010 Winter Games related stamp Canada Post had issued. But I didn’t get around to it – wasn’t really that interested in them I guess. But I’m happy with this one from Whitehorse.

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