Friday, March 19, 2010

Some 2010 TAAF Stamps

These are a few of my favorite TAAF stamps from this year:

Île Juan de Nova is part of the Îles Éparses (scattered islands) and is located in the Mozambique channel between the African continent and Madagascar. It is a small uninhabited island of 5.5 x 1.5 kms. The Patureau House is one of the few structure that remain on the island from a time when it was habited and is built on a stone foundation carved from coral and surrounded by fruit trees.

CRAC-ICE stands for Collaborative Research into Antarctic Calving and Iceberg Evolution. And that pretty much sums it up. It was a program initiated during the IPY and is now monitoring the drift and decay of icebergs in the Southern Ocean. The device shown on the stamp is a GPS beacon used for monitoring the movement of the ice sheet.

Île Amsterdam is a tiny island in the Indian Ocean that is part of TAAF. The only settlement on the island is Martin-de-Viviès - a research base that accommodates a staff between 20 and 40 depending on the time of year. Fur and Elephant seals use the island for breeding.

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