Sunday, January 10, 2010

Covers from Greenland

Received this cover the other day from the Philatelic Center in Tasiilaq, Greenland. It was cancelled at "Frimærkeforum 2009" in Roskilde Denmark, back on 8 Novemebr 2009. Took a surprisingly long time to get back here but was in pretty good shape.

Greenland Frimærkeforum 2009 Cover

I used a 3.00 DKK stamps from the first "Contemporary Art" series issued in May of 2007. This stamp was designed by Jens Rosing: a renowned and much loved Greenlandic artist who designed more than 130 stamps for Greenland. And this stamp is that largest (in size) ever issued by Greenland. But what is more important about this stamp is that it was the last one Jens did for Greenland before his death in May 2008.

Upernavik Cover

His daughter Ina is also an artist and one of her designs was used in the second Greenland Contemporary Art series. I put these two stamps on another cover that I sent to Upernavik for cancellation. At the time I did not realize who had designed these two stamps but if I had recognized the connection and significance sooner I might have prepared more covers with these beautiful stamps on them.

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