Friday, July 20, 2018

Gabriel de Castilla Antarctic Base, Spain

On Deception Island in the South Shetland Islands, sent in the fall of 2017, postmarked in Jan 2018 and received this month. I believe it also serves as a base for the Spanish Army and is managed in cooperation with the Spanish Polar Committee. The stamp was issued in January 2017 and depicts the base. It is a seasonal base operated in the austral summer, housing about 30 individuals.


Bummer Boy said...

Do you have the address for this base?
Do you know if I can use multiple A or A2 stamps instead of a C stamp?

Thank You

Jeff said...

Capitán BIO Hesperides
Arsenal Militar de la Armada Española
Cl.Real s/n
Cartagena, Murcia 30290

And ask them to send your cover back from Base Juan Carlos I or Base Castilla.

I have no idea what rate codes will work for international mail from Spain. I just knew that the "C" stamp would work and I used it because it was a polar themed stamp.