Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Skien, Norway

These stamps were issued in 2014 to commemorate the 1914 birth of Thor Heyerdahl: famous Norwegian adventurer and ethnographer. He sailed across the Pacific Ocean in 1947 in a hand-built raft (stamp on the left) to demonstrate that it would also have been possible for ancient cultures to travel similar distances. In the 1950's he headed an expedition to Easter Island to study the origins of the people of Rapa Nui (stamp on the right).


Unknown said...

Hello Jeff. I like all of your Norway covers and I have been contemplating obtaining Norwegian pictorial postmarks myself. Do you live outside Norway? If so how do you obtain the "A Prioritaire" labels affixed to the cover? I would like to obtain the same labels in order to make my covers as authentic as possible.


Jeff said...


Those labels were applied by the people or postal administrators sending the covers to me. Quite a few come to me from other CCCC members. I have applied my own labels to a few covers I've had sent from other countries, but I've never sourced labels from Norway. I'm afraid I don't have regular contact with anyone there to ask for labels.

If you are sending covers to "Posten Norge AS" for any of the special postmarks they routinely produce, just ask for a Priority A sticker on the cover and maybe you'll get lucky. Covers I receive that I have sent directly to post offices in Norway to be sent back to me generally come back with some of the best hand-stamped postmarks I've seen. And I've never had a cover that I've sent to Norway not (eventually) come back to me, even from the furthest corners of the country. I think there is a high probability that if you ask a post master for a sticker on your cover, they will honour the request.