Sunday, February 22, 2015

Canadian Flag

To commemorate the 50th anniversary or the Canadian flag, Canada Post has issued a souvenir sheet depicting the flag. This stamp is rather large in size (100x50mm) and denomination ($5). But what makes this stamp unique is the satin rayon fabric it is printed on. This is a first for Canada Post. And I think this is also the first time they've issued a self-adhesive souvenir sheet.

Inserting it into a stock book appears to have frayed the edges of this sheet a little. I didn't notice until I scanned it. The bottom corner looks frayed but it's just the top fabric layer. There appears to be another layer of paper beneath onto which the adhesive backing is applied. I wonder how well it will hold a postmark? Five dollars is a bit much to be using on a letter. I'll have to use one next time I send a package.

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