Wednesday, December 21, 2011

New TAAF Stamps 2011 and 2012

Lots of information about new TAAF issues at

Adelie Penguins
This stamp was available for sale during MonacoPhil, 2-4 December in Monaco and everywhere else on 7 December. It is available in a gummed TAAF issue and is a slightly redesigned France issue that was part of the recent self-adhesive "Overseas" booklet

Crozet Base Anniversary
A pair of stamps to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the first research station on Crozet Island, on sale 15 December 2011. I like how they show the place being overrun by penguins.

TAAF and Mayotte Joint Issue
This stamp shows the Marion-Dufresne at Mayotte and is scheduled for 30 December 2011. The TAAF issue is a little taller but the Mayotte stamp is a little wider due to the different number of stamps each issuing body includes on a full sheet. What is strange about this stamp is that only two days after it is issued, Mayotte will cease to issue its own stamps. So the question is, will it be valid for postage in Mayotte after 1 Jan 2012? Lots more about this issue at here.

TAAF 2012
Also, details regarding the upcoming 2012 issues have been release which includes the following stamps:

  • Mineral stamp: Diopside
  • Vessel: Marius Moutet 
  • René-Émile BOSSIERE (1.45)
  • Roald AMUNDSEN (1.00)
  • Polar region air transport (sheetlet)
  • Weddell seal
  • Port Jeanne d’Arc (sheetlet)
  • Lepidonotothen Larseni Fish (2.40)
  • Notodiscus Hookeri Snail (0.60)
  • Molloy Base (Kerguelen - 2 stamps, 0.60 each)
  • Foreign Legion and Marine Corp of the Scattered Islands (2 stamps and label)

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