Friday, July 22, 2022

Horní Jiřetín, Czechia

The postmark from the town of Horní Jiřetín, Czechia, commemorates the third anniversary of the Ore Mountains being recognized by UNESCO. The center of the postmark is an image of Jezeří Castle. This ties in with the stamp on the right showing the Vlčí jámy ravine. That stamp is the bottom half of a souvenir sheet that features beautiful sites in the Czech Republic found in the Ore Mountain region and the top half of that sheet (not on this cover) is a stamp with an image of Jezeří Castle.

The other stamps are a 2014 commemorative showing the paper mill in Velké Losiny. It is one of the oldest handmade paper mills in Europe. Below that stamp is a 2012 definitive an old homestead in the village in Bušanovice.

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