Friday, June 19, 2020

TAAF, Martin-de-Vivies via Marion Dufresne

Mailed from the Marion Dufresne during its first rotation of 2020. They always go out of their way to prepare covers.


Bummer Boy said...

Which address should I use if I want to send a cover?

Jeff said...

Check here:

Bummer Boy said...


Jeff said...

The last time I sent a cover to a TAAF island via the Marion Dufresne I used this address:

M. le Commandant du "MARION DUFRESNE"
Courrier Philatélique
c/o Siège des Terres australes et antarctiques françaises (TAAF)
Rue Gabriel Dejean,
97410 Saint Pierre

Just tell them what island you want it returned from. They make a pass through the islands about 4 times a year. But never the Scattered Islands (Îles Éparses).