Monday, March 18, 2019

Neumayer Station III

From the Germany Antarctic research station Neumayer III. There are a couple of hand-stamps on the back as well including one for the 38th over-wintering team of 2018. Neumayer III was officially opened twenty years ago on 20 February 2009. It is located on the Ekström Ice Shelf near an iceport known as Atka Bay. The ice port is an indentation in the ice sheet that makes it possible for ships like Polarstern to load and unload.


Bummer Boy said...

Do you know if it is possible to send mail to the Henryk Arctowski Polish Antarctic Station? If yes, what is the address?

Thank You

Jeff said...

I have never received mail from the station. I believe I tried a long time ago but did not get anything back. The address on their website

"ARCTOWSKI" - Polish Antarctic Station
via Chilean Base "TTE R. Marsh"
Punta Arenas

It is on King George island near several other station, including the Chilean "Frei" base. "TTE R. Marsh" must refer to "Teniente R. Marsh Airport"

Bummer Boy said...

Do you know what the international mail rate from Poland is? There website is in Polish so I couldn’t understand it.

Jeff said...

5 zł (PLN)

They receive mail through Chile so they probably mail it out through there also. You should contact someone associated with the base who knows.