Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Canada, Far and Wide

The stamps in this issue are really small. This is the second year this annual series has been issued:
  • Yukon’s Tombstone Territorial Park (domestic rate)
  • Alberta’s Athabasca Falls (domestic rate)
  • Nunavut’s Quttinirpaaq National Park (domestic rate)
  • Heritage churches of Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia (domestic rate)
  • Manitoba’s Little Limestone Lake (domestic rate)
  • Saskatchewan’s Castle Butte ($1.05 domestic-rate)
  • Smoke Lake in Ontario’s Algonquin Provincial Park (U.S.-rate)
  • Quebec’s Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve (oversized-rate)
  • Iceberg Alley in Newfoundland (international-rate)

Pre-paid postcards were produced for each stamp. Here is a few of them:

Churches of Mahone Bay

Iceberg Alley at Ferryland, Newfoundland

Canada's northern-most nation park: Quttinirpaaq National Park.

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