Sunday, January 15, 2017

Martin-de-Viviès, Île Amsterdam, TAAF

Sent from the Marion Dufresne during its fourth rotation through the French Southern Lands.


Virna! said...

Halo, boleh tanya bagaimana cara mendapatkan cover dari TAAF? Apa harus pakai SASE dengan prangko dari negara tsb atau bayar pakai IRC atau ada cara lain?

Sorry I use Bahasa because I assumed since you're using extension you use Bahasa :) I'm just starting out in sending covers to postmasters, just upgrading myself from only stamp collecting. I hope to learn from you.

Best regards, V.

Jeff said...

Addresses for TAAF postmasters can be found on the TAAF website here:

I'm not sure exactly what their international postage rate is now. It changes every year. I believe it is the same as the international rate from France. It might be as high as 1.24 euro now.

You have to use TAAF stamps on your covers. I purchase mine from LaPoste. I stopped buying them online when LaPoste raised the international shipping fees for online orders. Now I only order TAAF stamps from the LaPoste catalogue that comes out every quarter. They might accept IRCs also. I have never used one.

I am located in Canada. Google directed you to an Indonesian domain based on your location.