Tuesday, October 20, 2015

TAAF - Crozet

Sent from the Marion Dufresne during its last rotation through the TAAF islands of the Indian Ocean. This was sent back to me through the island of Crozet.


JPC said...

Dear Jeff,
i really like your covers and your Blog. i'm impressed hob you managed to geht all the cancellations. I will try to start my own small Collection. My question is, do you include a note with your covers if you send to the postoffices? What do you write on it. How do you get your Information about the arctic stations postmarks?
Looking forward to your answer.


Jeff said...

For the covers I have sent to myself, I do write a note to whomever I send the cover to, thanking them for their service and explaining what postmark I want and perhaps where to place it on the envelope. If I have an image of the postmark I want I include that with my letter. Most times I just ask them to add whatever philatelic marking they have available.

I rely on Google for most of my research, and hints from people I've contacted with similar interests. Sometimes I just take chances and hope I'm sending covers to the right address. Sometimes they never come back. I get mail from other members of the CCCC (cover collectors circuit club) and sometimes Arctic/Antarctic covers from other people I've met on the internet. There are a few polar philately clubs around with members that can assist with getting covers sent from Arctic and Antarctic bases and research teams. That usually involves a small fee.

I have a webpage with information about obtaining covers from a few Antarctic bases: http://stamps.mybalconyjungle.com/antarctic_covers/antarctic_covers.html

JPC said...

Hi Jeff,
thanks for answer. I will have a look at the link with the Antarctic bases. Didn't know about that Covers Collectors Circuit Club. Maybe I will enroll. I will just try to send a cover and maybe I will get it back. :)

Best regards,

Jeff said...

Any base that is serviced by air is a safe bet: AAT Casey, US McMurdo and South Pole station and Chile's Frei base. My address for New Zealand's Ross Dependency is out of date - need to update. For many smaller Antarctic bases, the ships will be leaving port soon if they haven't already so mail going down there might not make it back until after the next season (2017).