Monday, August 31, 2015

The Franklin Expedition

Sir John Frankin led an expedition into the Arctic in 1845 in an attempt to discover the northwest passage. The expedition used two ships: HMS Erebus and HMS Terror. The ships became ice bound and 130 members of the expedition died while trekking south towards civilization (or anything, really) over land and ice. The final location of the ships was a mystery until 2014 which the wreck of the Erebus was discovered by Parks Canada.

To commemorate the discovery, Canada Post issued a pair of domestic rates stamps (Erebus lost) and an international rate stamp (Erebus found) on 7 August 2015. The embossing on the domestic rates stamps is quite heavy, giving the HMS Erebus stamp a nice 3D appearance: the waves appear in the foreground surrounding the ship. Of course, once stuck on an envelope, most of that 3D look will flatten out.

The souvenir sheet bares the international letter rate. On this stamp is a sonar image of the wreck lying in ocean off the coast of the Adelaide Peninsula. and on the right side of the stamp is an illustration of the deck of the HMS Erebus.

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