Friday, July 10, 2015

Lighthouses from Gütersloh, Germany

From Gütersloh in northwest Germany, featuring the recently issued 2015 lighthouse stamps. Deutsche Post have been issuing stamps in this series every year since 2004. Both of these German lighthouses are on lakes. The Moritzburger lighthouse sits at the end of a jetty the juts out into the Grand Pond: one of the ponds that makes up the Moritzburger Pond area near Dresden. It's really just a decorative lighthouse, constructed to mark some historical event.

The Lindau lighthouse sits at the entrance to the Lindau harbour on Lake Constance in southern Germany. I've actually been to Lindau and have seen the lighthouse there. It was quite a while ago but when I was there I took this picture. In fact, it's currently my computer desktop image. The city on the other side of the lake is Bregenz, Austria.

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