Thursday, September 13, 2012

London 2012 Maximum Cards

This is the result of my attempt to get maximum cards made using the recent "Welcome to London 2012" stamps from the UK. I sent two cards to Tallents House for the official first-day postmark and the other two I send to the London Special Handstamp Center  for alternative first-day postmarks. Results were mixed.

This first card was my favorite before I even sent it out for postmarking. Lots of noise free space for the postmark and the card had a matte finish so the postmark stuck to it real nice.

This card had a gloss finish and resulted in a not so perfect postmark application. And the stamp is starting to lift off the card significantly. I should have asked for the postmark to be place a little lower. And the card itself is a little too busy. Still, not bad.

I really wanted this one to work. The picture on this card is from the last Olympic games held in London in 1948. The postmark is rotated 90 degrees which isn't what I wanted. This was an alternative first day postmark for this stamp issue. The card has too much noise in the background though and makes it very difficult to make out the postmark. I should have sent this to Tallent's House for the official postmark. Would have looked better and maybe the postmark would have been applied properly.

I laughed when I saw this one. Where's the postmark? I had extra postage on the back of this card and that's where it was postmarked even though I had fairly simple instructions attached to the back of the card, and a drawing of where to place the postmark. This was the first day postmark used for the coin cover that was issued along with the miniature sheet FDCs.

Despite what must have been a really busy month for the Tallents House postmarking team, they did a fantastic job with my cards. The London SHC can put down a pretty good postmark but I think they were a little busy to get it right for me. Maybe the next set of postcards will turn out better.

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