Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Another cover from Frei Base

This one is a bit better than the last one I received as the cachets were placed on the front this time. But otherwise, it's the same. I believe the top left cachet represents Teniente Luis Carvajal Villaroel Antarctic Base on Adelaide Island. The middle one is for the Villa Las Estrellas Kindergarten (yes, the town has its own kindergarten school)


Erick Alvarado said...

Really nice blog! I have been collecting postcards for several years, but I am growing an interest in stamped covers. For these difficult to get places, do you always check what the postage is from the destination to your country? Is that data easy to find, or do you consult first somewhere?

Jeff said...

In almost every case I've been able to figure out the postage back to my country using the Internet. Most major postal administrations publish up-to-date postal rates somewhere on their website. Sometimes I need help from Google translate to figure it out. And sometimes I need to email someone in those places to get the answer.

Erick Alvarado said...

Makes sense! Your blog is really informative, I have learned a lot! Regards from Costa Rica.