Saturday, August 16, 2008

Beautiful Stamps from San Marino

I received some new stamps from San Marino the other day which included their Europa issue for 2008 and the International Year or Planet Earth commemorative set. The Europa theme this year is letter writing and the San Marino issues are very cute. The Planet Earth issue didn’t appeal to me until I had a closer look at them, particularly the 0.60 and 0.85 values depicting “air” and “man”. These just aren’t images you see on every day stamps so I had to have them.

You can purchase recent San Marino issues online directly from their Philatelic & Numismatic website. My order took about a month to process and another week for delivery which wasn’t bad considering half of my address was missing from the envelope. Their shipping costs are 4.50€ no matter how big the order. I thought this was a little steep but when I received my order, low and behold, there was 4.50€ Euro worth of San Marino stamps stuck to the envelope – registered mail. So although I didn’t appreciate paying the high price for shipping, I wasn’t completely disappointed.

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